How to decorate your Christmas tree with stuff from the dollar store


Oh, local dollar store. Purveyor of all things for a dollar or two or three — groceries, decor, books, hardware, etc. And don’t knock the food aisles there; food sales are soaring at dollar stores.

So naturally, when I decided to put up my first Christmas tree last year (#adulting #newhomeowner), I decorated it entirely with stuff from Dollarama. The store starts filling its aisles with holiday decor in October. If you have an open mind and some creativity (and an Internet connection to look for ideas), then you can DIY your own decor for way cheaper than buying it at most stores. Here’s what I’m talking about.

My bestie and I copied a Crate and Barrel red berry wreath with stuff from Dollarama. $150 versus $21.


I haven’t seen snowflakes this big since the blizzard of ’86. Found these ginormous babies at Homesense but Dollarama also has big, fat snowflakes. $9.99 versus $1.25


Orchids at Homesense. Orchids at Dollarama. $5.99 versus $3.


I started with a colour palette: white, gold and silver. And decided on a theme: nature meets bling. Birds. Leaves. Flowers. And all that glitters. I also opted for things that my kid couldn’t smash into a million pieces and leave us with the gift of a Christmas morning tetanus shot. I started with the foliage to create depth and density and then added the baubles. And that’s that.

On Boxing Day last year, I was able to pick up some awesome baubles on sale and I look forward to adding to the tree over the years.

Note: Dollarama covered the costs of some DIY projects such as the wreaths.



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