DIY red berry wreaths

Holiday songs are already annoying me on the radio. Time to tune out or give in.

Who am I kidding? My Christmas tree is still up from last year (albeit undecorated).

In the spirit of decorating, I saw this red berry wreath from Crate and Barrel that I thought would look great in my windows.


Here’s the description on its website: “Twigs of faux berries wind a large wreath adding festive colour above a fireplace.” Cost: $150 each.

Here’s the description I hear in my head. “Twigs and fake berries form a hole like one in your wallet, adding festive debt on your credit card.”

The funds in my spending account are already earmarked for my Christmas gift list and holiday hosting. I also found a similar wreath at Homesense for $39.99 but I’d still be spending $80 plus tax if I wanted its twin.


So off to Dollarama to see if we can create something of our own. This project was my bestie’s idea after she spotted these deep red berry strings at the store.


So high five, girlfriend.


  • A laundry basket from Dollarama ($3), cut into a hoop
  • Five red berry strings from Dollarama ($3 each). Even more, if you want it to look fuller.
  • Brown ribbon (Dollarama has wide burlap ribbon for $3) to wrap around the laundry basket’s rim
  • String or wire to tie it all together
  • (For the photo, we jammed some artificial hydrangeas in between the strings to match some table decor.)

Et voilà. Me likey the price best of all: $21 plus tax.


Note: Dollarama covered the cost of the wreaths.


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