At the make-up counter: Lipsticks and eyelashes

EYELASHES: To flutter is to flirt. Yet I have never heard a man check out a lady’s facial hair (“Man, did you see how she blinked those lashes?”).

Nonetheless, the pursuit for thicker, longer, darker and fuller eyelashes is an obsession for me, and for many. Lashes frame and enhance the eyes (the anatomical area many women would remind men serves as a window to the soul).

The cosmetics industry has responded with a myriad of products — you can wave a wand, you can glue on fakes, you can grow your own — and I tried several of them out.

LIPS: My collection of lipsticks currently consists of brown shades with names such asnutmeg and coffee bean. This sounds — and looks — about as sexy as a kitchen pantry. On a quest for a fun and fabulous new spring shade, I turned to Burberry Beauty specialist Nolita Shum for some suggestions. Click here for the details in the Post’s style section.


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