Muppet Battle Royal!!! Who is the greatest muppet?

We’re pitting felt against fur to determine which muppet reigns supreme in the Post’s Tournament of Muppets!

Here’s my defence of Miss Piggy:  I know what a lot of you think about Miss Piggy. That she’s a…well, I can’t say it because this is a family paper, but a female Rowlf. But isn’t that often the disparaging label leveled at strong females who press for a place in a man’s (frog’s, bear’s, whatever it is that Gonzo is, etc.) world?

Actually, this isn’t even Gonzo’s world but he gets more respect, such as being repeatedly allowed to play the final trumpet note of the opening theme, despite the fact he never gets it right.

While Gonzo doesn’t have to (even fails to) toot his own horn, Miss Piggy has had to work for her stardom. She started out as an unidentified chorus girl. She then endured Pigs in Space sketches where her shipmates made her do laundry, sexually harassed her with whistles and catcalls (pigcalls?), make cracks about her weight — “First-mate Fatso,” the Captain called her — and then jettisoned her from the ship.

She’s an easy target. But you can’t bully this pig. She’s persevered, with her karate chop and her ego in tact, and still brings home the bacon.

Photo by Steve Murray, National Post

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