Looking back: The best and worst of TIFF 2011

Glee's Cory Monteith and 90210's Dustin Milligan promoting Sisters&Brothers at TIFF.

I remember at TIFF 2010, I was sitting in a theatre and a foreign journalist was talking on his cellphone behind me. He practically sobbed: “I’m RAGGED!”

Yes, TIFF is a busy time. I was the crazy lady sprinting from the Intercontinental to the Royal York in heels in between interviews. Still, I saw a lot of great films this year (I recommend Moneyball, 50/50, Burning Man and The Island President) and spoke to a lot of interesting people (I want to date Mary Harron’s brain – she directed American Psycho and The Moth Diaries).

The Post’s TIFF team compiled some our highlights/lowlights for the paper. Here are a few of my favourites from 2011:

Worst interview question  At a roundtable interview with Antonio Banderas (The Skin I Live In), a Toronto radio reporter told the Spanish actor that he had the sexiest voice ever (“Your voice could solve world problems”) and asked him to say the reporter’s name in “a really sexy way.” When Banderas graciously obliged, the reporter said, “My ring tone. Thanks dude.” Jay Stone

Most asked whimsical question  “Who would play you in a movie?” Scott Speedman (Edwin BoydThe Moth Diaries) said I was the fourth person to ask that question. To coax an answer from him, I told him I’d want Jackie Chan to play me. Melissa Leong

Most blatant inducement to piracy  “You have my blessing to download it illegally somewhere on a bit torrent.” — Quebec filmmaker Philippe Falardeau, on hearing that I had not seen his 2000 film The Left-Hand Side of the FridgeChris Knight.

Heaviest gift bag  At the Producers Ball at the Shangri-La, every parting goody bag contained a Nescafé Dolce Gusto espresso machine and the MAC Wonder Woman collection, weighing in at nearly 15 lbs. Nathalie Atkinson.

Biggest foot-in-mouth moment  I asked the members of Pearl Jam how it feels to have to answer my questions because Eddie Vedder doesn’t do press. Stone Gossard, the band’s long-time guitarist, responded: “He does press. You just couldn’t get the interview.” Ben Kaplan

Most gracious/accessible celeb  There were no ropes nor curtains separating stars from commoners at the Melancholia party in the Hugo Boss store, which meant everyone could take their turn getting a photo with Alexander Skarsgård. And they did, the very tall actor obliging anyone who asked. Maryam Siddiqi

For more best and worst moments, see the story in the Post.


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