BB Diary: The journey to the big show

The daily rehearsals can be punishing. It’s a four-hour long grind of running the same three-minute sequences, the same lifts and dips, and mentors nitpicking the curl of your toe or the extension of your arm.

Sometimes the stress, the pressure, the exhaustion and the lack of sleep make you feel like you’re a wet towel and someone’s pulling your fraying threads. Sometimes you feel like you have so much further to go but you have run out of road.

The big show is in about week. And we are preparing. (“See you everyday,” we say.)

But it is — as annoying as it sounds — about the journey. It’s about being with friends. It’s about working your ass off at something you feel passionate about and being able to show it off. It’s about proving yourself wrong. It’s about making yourself better than you were yesterday, better than you were five minutes ago.

And of course, it’s about being on stage. And having a blast.

It’s about the glory. So glory in it.


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