Dance life Q&A: School me on salsa

Advice: Even if you get put in the corner, dance it out.

“We should consider every day lost in which we have not danced at least once.” 

– Friedrich Nietzsche

When I was first learning to dance, everything was so overwhelming. First, there was all of this counting going on (I hadn’t counted this much watching Sesame Street). Then, there was the moving in sync with a partner. And the spinning. Oh God. The spinning.

I got a lot of advice but you learn by doing. So my biggest advice to neophytes is to do and do often.

In a new regular Friday feature, we talk to Baila Boogaloo’s dancers about the moves, the beats, the nerves and the fervor. Today, we ask them for pearls of wisdom.

Q Share some advice that you found helpful when learning to dance:

Beginner or pro, smile when you dance. No one likes a frowny face. – Darlene Wang de Martinez, director of the Baila Boogaloo Dance Co.

No spaghetti arms. Sage words from “Johnny” in Dirty Dancing. – Melissa Leong

Ladies: When you are in class, let the guy lead.
Guys: (Using a Russell Peter’s catch phrase): Be a man, dooo the right thing – lead your lady! – Doug Pereira, lead instructor

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