Dance life Q&A: Sour faces, sweaty palms and other pet peeves

Don't get fresh with Joanna on the dance floor.

“We should consider every day lost in which we have not danced at least once.” 

– Friedrich Nietzsche

I hate sour faces on the dance floor. This isn’t the dentist’s office. There’s no reason to scowl while dancing. Unless that is your attempt at a “sexy face” – in which case, I apologize.

In a new regular Friday feature, we talk to Baila Boogaloo’s dancers about the moves, the beats, the nerves and the fervor. Today, we discuss pet peeves. 

Tell me something that bugs you on the dance floor.

Sweaty palms. Just feels so gross holding wet clammy hands. Just take a second, wipe your hands and continue.- Kayanne D’Souza, performance level

Dance snobs. Thankfully, they are very few and easily avoided. – Zubair Towhid, advanced level

Groping. It’s very uncomfortable and distasteful when someone you barely know is trying to get a little “fresh” with you. – Joanna Lavoie, teacher

I hate hearing I’m not as good as the last person they danced with. What can I say? I’m trying. – Shawn Rippa, performance level


One thought on “Dance life Q&A: Sour faces, sweaty palms and other pet peeves

  1. Tripti Ninan

    Totally agree with sweaty palms issue! I really do feel bad for people with excessive hydrosis but yes keep wiping it off with a towel! – Tripti Ninan, BB Zumba Instructor

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