Prom pro-prom prom…

Me in my purple fairy pyjamas and my best friend in a white fur-trimmed gown, like Mrs. Claus on her wedding day.

After 10 years, you really can’t be embarrassed anymore. What better way to prove it than to run photos of your fashion crimes in a national newspaper.

My blurb accompanying the photo in today’s Post: “The dress had to be lilac. Or lavender. “Like the colour of the sky sometimes at dusk.” (I actually wrote that in my diary -clearly an indication of why I went to prom as a third wheel with my best friend and her boyfriend.) And I wore matching purple lipstick for that Prom of the Living Dead look. All that aside, when I look at this dress I imagine my mother hunched over the bodice, hand-beading the fabric -and cursing. Now that is love.


One thought on “Prom pro-prom prom…

  1. Tina

    hahaha!! I remember the phase we all went thru. I also had a big thing for anything lavender in my last year of high school. Went around everywhere looking for THE lavender dress. Eventually I bought a black satin dress from Costa Blanca. Still have it in my closet actually! Wish I knew you then…

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