Dress Stress: A day at Pam Chorley’s Fashion Crimes

Fashion Crimes on Queen West

Speaking of fashion crimes…Thanks to the ladies at Fashion Crimes on Queen Street for letting me hang around on one of the store’s busiest Saturdays.

One mother called it “the mecca for prom dresses.”

The girls come to Pam Chorley’s Fashion Crimes, looking to outfit their dreams, looking for the one that is just right. They’ve journeyed from the suburbs, from Port Hope, from Milton, and arrived on Queen West in front of wood castle doors with wrought iron designs and door handles shaped like scissors.

Inside, it appears to rain dresses. They fill every space in every colour. They’re covered with rosettes or ruffles or feathers and fattened with crinoline or tulle.
There’s a Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland feel to the place, with its towering black-and-white-striped dressing room curtains and its glittery, fringed or foxtail-strung chandeliers. Even the staff are dressed for a Mad Hatter tea party in frilled frocks and fascinators that look as if UFOs have landed precariously on the sides of their heads.

It’s a perfect fit, really — customers are searching for what will make their fairy tale a reality; unlike the fairy tale wedding, which requires a prince, the ideal prom is about the dress. Today, moms and dads are on the “daylong adventure,” which can involve everything from draining frustration to dizzying euphoria among countless racks of clothing and long lineups for change rooms.

“I can see that you’re having a little bit of anxiety,” one of the store’s stylists tells a girl.

Lara Bourne, 17, is looking at the dresses as if she is choosing which kind of braces to wear on her teeth.

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2 thoughts on “Dress Stress: A day at Pam Chorley’s Fashion Crimes

  1. Sharon

    Omg this shop sounds like a dream. I’ve been shopping around for a summer ball dress for quite a while but haven’t managed to find anything yet. I’ve even told all of my friends in retail jobs to keep their eyes peeled if anything comes up but no luck so far. The pic looks like it’s got some quirky and unique dresses and that’s exactly what I need. The last thing I want is for someone else to turn up in the same dress.

    • Melissa Leong

      Good luck! The ladies there don’t work on commission so go on a weekday when it’s less busy and take advantage of all of their style advice.

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