BB Diary: Germfest 2011 continues

Joanna and an exhausted Isabella

Darlene, Joaquin and baby felt under the weather earlier this week. And yesterday our photographer Maria came into our room looking for blankets. Chris was violently ill. I shuddered. What is going on in Waikiki?

“Did you eat radioactive fish?” My mother asked on the phone. Of course, my parents were mad at me for getting sick. Yes, mom. I combed the island for the most dubious piece of glowing, green, germ-ridden fish and ate it right before my big show just for giggles.

Here are some photos from healthier times in Hawaii:

A full intermediate class!

Darlene and Joaquin taught four workshops during the Hawaii Salsa Festival.

They brought beautiful little Isabella to the classes. On Saturday, she hung out in the corner, dozing, biting on the edge of her stroller while her parents led a morning work-out class and then an intermediate class.

On Sunday, she screamed bloody murder. Hugh wheeled her out of the beginner’s class and pushed the stroller straight to Joanna. She wailed until she fell asleep in Joanna’s arms.

In uniform
The gang!
Rise and shine

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