BB Diary: Bad luck before Saturday show

Hospital band, check, IV, check and VIP band for Hawaiian Salsa Festival!!!

Two hours before our technical rehearsal at the Hilton, I started to feel weird.

Ten minutes before, I was dizzy and nauseous. As I lay on the carpeted floor outside the ballroom, I heard Darlene talking to Joaquin in soft tones about the worst-case-scenario: performing with only two couples (and by default, pulling Shawn out of the show) and changing the ending.

We had worked so hard. Daily rehearsals. Sleep deprivation. Injuries. All for this show.

I was going to do this show.

This meant enduring the four hours before our 8 p.m. performance. This meant laying in the fetal position with chills and cramps, draped in Doug, Joaquin and Shawn’s clothing. This meant throwing up every 15 minutes before showtime in full make-up and costume.

To be continued… (though the epilogue is indicated in the photo.)


3 thoughts on “BB Diary: Bad luck before Saturday show

  1. Judy

    OMG – What happened Melissa?? Don’t scare me, are you okay? Was it the Puka dogs???
    Please be alright and keep us posted. I even enlarged your photo to see if it was really you on your hospital bracelet! Sending my good wishes to you in Hawaii. If it’s Food Poisoning or Stomache Flu, drink lots of fluids & gatorade. Do they have congee in Hawaii?? Perhaps someone can make you some with just some rice and water???
    I’ve been a big fan of your blog and following it religiously. Sending my regards to you and the entire Baila Boogaloo team!!!

  2. seandamien

    Reminds me of the classic Tupac stretcher shot – just a different finger.

    You’re a warrior! There aren’t many people that could have endured that.

    P.S. Call home!!!

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