BB Diary: Hang loose

Shawn riding the wave

We forgot to warn Shawn. There are things we don’t do before performances: A) Heavy meals (the guys have thrown up after eating burgers before a show) and B) Extreme sports.

Shawn, Chiangs, Kim and Shariah went surfing today. “You’re not going to rat me out are you?” Shawn asked Grace.

Shawn had a close call. The instructor’s surf board narrowly missed his arm and slammed onto his board. Don’t tell Darlene. She’d have a heart attack.

Chiang-Le before the run-in with her board


“I got hit in the head with a surf board,” Chiang-Le says. “It hit me in the temporal lobe which is where long-term memory is stored so if I start forgetting stuff, take me to the hospital.”

I asked her a few questions because I want to go (after the show on Saturday night).

Q What was your favourite thing about surfing?

The part right before the wave hits. The moment I find the balance on the board is exciting. From that point on, it’s how do I stay up.

Q Hey, I’m not a strong swimmer. Am I going to die if I try it?

The test is: if I push you off the deep end, can you swim to safety?




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