BB Diary: Feeling pukey, fixed it with Puka dogs

Joanna, Darlene and Isabella on the beach.

When Doug’s alarm went off at 6:30 a.m., I wanted to cry. I turned over and Joanna and I were practically spooning in our double bed. In the night, she had hit me in the head, hard enough to wake herself up and apologize.

We lumbered to dance rehearsal and Grace was livid. We had locked her out of the condo last night. Serves her right for coming home at 5 a.m.

After a few run-throughs, we were nauseous. That didn’t dissuade Doug from pushing us in a work-out afterward.

In revolt, some of us went to the international market for lunch and had Puka Dogs, ice cream and snow cones covered with condensed milk.

We’re going to the Hawaiian salsa festival‘s pre-party tonight so we’ll dance it off. We’re so excited to meet people from all over the world; it’s worth staying up all night to dance. Just don’t remind me that we have 7 a.m. practice again tomorrow.

For more Baila Boogaloo moments, click here.


The girls




New friend! He kind of looked like he knew how to salsa.




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