BB Diary: Dance-fu

Someone needs to tell Shawn that we’re not usually like this. We’re all a bit burned out, I’ll admit. Grace fell twice yesterday then Shawn body slammed her. I punched Doug. Twice. And elbowed him in the face. You’d think this was MMA salsa.
“Please, try this time,” Dar says to me.
“I am trying,” I protest. “Okay, maybe I’m actually trying to beat Doug up.”
Shawn is doing extremely well. He’s picked up all of the choreography. We’re now working on muscle memory and styling. Oh, that floating hand. Shawn, put it on your hip or we’ll treat you like we treat Doug. Joking.
Here’s the video that we’ve watched to drum up excitement for Oahu. Grace and I like to imagine eating Puka Dogs while Doug kills us with crunches.


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