BB Diary: Scaring Shawn with Murphy’s Law

Photo credit: Chris Bedlington

“You must pack your costume in your carry-on,” Darlene told Shawn yesterday. “Just in case. Stuff happens.”

We then regaled him with stories of said “stuff.”

Melissa always has wardrobe malfunctions. My skirt has fallen off, a strap has snapped. One time on stage, my hair became a bouffant like a cooking bag of Jiffy Pop; the only comment I got after the performance was: “Wow, your hair just kept growing and growing and growing.”

Joanna falls. One time at Plaza Flamingo, she fell so hard that she actually bounced.

Grace loses stuff. She’s the first one to walk out of the venue or the studio and she will leave a trail of costumes, of shoes, etc. like she’s Gretel and needs to find her way back.

Six out of eight of us have torn the seats of our pants. And the guys don’t wear long-sleeved shirts anymore because one time, one of the girls got her hair tangled in the button on a sleeve and the guy ripped out a chunk of her hair.

“This is what I have to look forward to?” Shawn asks.

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