BB Diary: You people? Again?

Darlene, director of the Baila Boogaloo Dance Co. Photo by Chris Bedlington

At the end of every practice, we clomp out of the studio and hug on the sidewalk and say: “Bye. See you every day.”

The professional team has daily rehearsals in the lead up to Hawaii. Joanna often quips that she see us more than she sees her husband.

The salsa family is like a family. We fight. We make up. We party. We support. We laugh. Oh God, we laugh. But the company is also like a company. We fight. We don’t make up for a while. We work. We stroke our egos. We nurse our bruised egos.

The person who holds it all together is Darlene. She’s the mom. She’s the general. Handling a company of egos is delicate and complex work. But she’s the uber leader. She’s the kind of leader who calls us when she’s at the hospital in labour with her first child just to make sure that we’re successfully handling the dance classes. Without her, the castle crumbles.

At his wedding, Aaron said he feels like he’s known us all of his life. Yep. Friends. See you every day.

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