Movie Review: James Cameron’s Sanctum


In the new 3-D action-adventure Sanctum, as a few explorers prepare to climb down 6,500 feet into a dark crevice, one woman asks: “What can possibly go wrong diving in caves?” It’s reminiscent of another line from a James Cameron film: “God himself could not sink this ship.”

So let me preface this review by asking: What can possibly go wrong with a blockbuster executive-produced by the filmmaker who brought us TitanicAvatar and countless other thrill rides? Quite a bit, it turns out.

The 3-D photography technology, developed for Avatar, initially draws you into the movie. You’re trapped in the cave with the characters. You’re underwater, listening to their panicked, strained breaths, with bubbles in your face and rocks squeezing you on all sides. But once you’re in the film, you may want out. Its tag line is: “The only way out is down.” And down this film goes.

The best scenes take place underwater, but only because the characters are muzzled with mouth pieces, sparing audiences the corny dialogue. Indeed, everyone seems to speak in proverbs, as if the screenwriters were cracking open fortune cookies for each scene: “Life is not a dress rehearsal,” and “Panic is the vulture that sits on your shoulder.”

For the full review in the Post, click here.


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