Learning from Nigella Lawson

“Why is your food not good? Is it because you’re not paying attention when you cook? Or because you cook things that you don’t particularly want to eat?” Nigella Lawson asked me.

We were sitting in a dim suite at the Soho Metropolitan Hotel, relaxed in cushy furniture, and I felt like she was my food shrink, trying to solve my kitchen woes.

Lawson’s new cookbook, Kitchen, is in stores. I interviewed her for the Post and found her to be so beautiful and her husky voice so hypnotic. Her best advice: “Cook for yourself. When I cook for myself, I don’t mind taking a risk with an ingredient because it’s only me and I don’t have the fear of disappointing. You discover what works and you suddenly have this reward which is a lovely supper. You need to feel free to make mistakes or you’re not going to learn anything, and this is true in life.”


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