Moms-to-be: Guard against too much tuna

Lesa LaPointe found that she had high levels of mercury in her blood from eating tuna. Photo credit: Tim Fraser for the National Post

After speaking with Lesa LaPointe, I ran around last week asking all of my female friends how much tuna they eat.

The 33-year-old sommelier is uber-healthy. Eats only organics. Works out three times a week. Uses only all-natural products. Except that she had been feeling like crap for years. She visited her doctor because she wanted to start trying to have a baby. The doctor told her that she had a high level of mercury in her blood. She eats tuna twice a week (sandwiches and fresh tuna) which has a higher mercury content than smaller fish. Mercury is a neurotoxin that can damage the brain of a developing fetus.

For moms-to-be or women who are breast-feeding, Health Canada says: No more than once or twice a month (depending on how much tuna you eat).

The whole story is here.


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