So You Think You Can Hug?

Darlene with choreographer Gustavo Vargas and all-stars Stephen "Twitch" Boss, Comfort Fedoke and Allison Holker


That’s what choreographer Gustavo Vargas told us was the most important element in his routines. He always includes tricks, plays to the dancer’s strengths and makes sure the piece has sabor — or flavour.

Darlene, the proprietor of my dance company, and I attended the So You Think You Can Dance live tour at the Air Canada Centre. After the show, we met the cast and choreographers in the upstairs lounge.

We were so interested in Gustavo’s experiences — he flies in from L.A. to choreograph salsa, samba and other Latin dance routines for the Canadian show — that judge Jean-Marc Généreux teased us about our chat-a-thon.

Dancers are such nice people. I couldn’t get over how many people threw themselves at the dancers. I had to spin and leap to safety to avoid girls trying to hug Kent Boyd and Robert Rolden. No hello. Just charging hugs.

It’s amazing to see dancers get the kind of attention normally reserved for rock stars and the cast of Twilight.

U.S. and Canadian cast of So You Think You Can Dance

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