Stripes are the new animal print?

Growing up a big nerd, I rarely flipped through my mother’s stacks of Vogue because the magazine didn’t have any words. Too many damn pictures and no stories.

But my mom’s love of fashion definitely affected me. When I was about 10, she went through a phase where she sewed me a zillion spandex leggings. From basic black to pink leopard print.

I was known at school as Spandex Pants Girl.

Every Fashion Week, I think of her and try to pretend I know what everyone is talking about when I interview them. (Don’t tell anyone but I had to google “YSL” in the middle of my phoner with Barbara Atkin.)

Here’s what Robin Kay, head of fashion week and president of the Fashion Design Council of Canada, says are the trends for Spring 2011.

“In terms of the runway, we can expect to see pops of bold colours, vibrant prints and the use of feminine fabrics like lace and organza. A great investment piece this season is a classic cashmere camel coat. Timeless and sexy elegance.”

And Atkin, vice-president of fashion direction at Holt Renfrew’s two cents: “One of the big trends that we saw coming out was a return to the 1970s with a YSL feel to it. Flared pants, soft masculine shirts, the big floppy hats – very Jodi Foster in taxi driver. We also saw what I call a tribal rhythm – think about Africa, the Serengeti and what I’m calling Indian summer, a Bollywood remix, kind of boho style. I think stripes will be the new animal print of the season.”

And again, my pink leopard-print spandex is no longer à la mode.

My full Q&A with Kay and Atkin is in today’s Post.


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