Movie review: Buried

When I agreed to screen Buried during TIFF, I thought: Crap. Some guy stuck in a box for 90 minutes. Bo-oring.

But I was entertained. I even suffered a bit of post-traumatic stress after watching it.

I interviewed Ryan Reynolds and director Rodrigo Cortes who were both down-to-earth and eager to talk about the film. (I had no idea that Reynolds is actually a giant. Granted, I’m really short but the man is tall.)

Here’s my review in the Post.


One thought on “Movie review: Buried

  1. CMrok93

    I was on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next. My mind is always racing to try to understand how they are going to save it. Do you think that things like this happen all the time is very difficult to understand, but it does not happen regularly.

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