Choreographed applause: So You Think You Can Dance

Kerry and I with the judges of So You Think You Can Dance Canada

My friend Kerry and I attended a taping of So You Think You Can Dance to witness the magic of television.

The dancers only get one shot at their performances (contemporary jazz dancer, Charlene, caught her shoe in her skirt) but the judges and the host get re-dos and add-ons. We paused for staff members to fix make-up, to add rose petals on the stage, to sweep the rose petals away.

During breaks, an enthusiastic gentleman brought kids on stage to dance. Paramedics were on stand-by because fans have fainted before.

Later, I asked judge Blake McGrath how his music career is going. They pushed the release of his debut album back two weeks to November, he said. I interviewed him several weeks ago while he and choreographer Mia Michaels were working on his music video shoot for Relax.

Here’s my behind-the-scenes look at the shoot.

Sample lyrics: “Don’t do it. Slow down. Stop moving. Relax. Don’t do it when I want to come.”

I told him during that interview that I’m a pervert and interpreted the song to be about sex.

Relax is about a pull,” McGrath told me. “Everybody would assume that the song is about sex. If you can interpret the lyrics and completely flip it and say it’s actually saying: ‘Stop. Wait a minute. Slow down a little. I don’t want to go there.’ Meaning, I don’t want to progress with just sex and negativity.”

What about when he sings: “I wanna save it up /Till I can drown you in a sea of love/So baby soak it up/When the rain is coming don’t you miss a drop.”

What’s that about?


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